Property Services of West Alabama, LLCProfessional real estate services throughout Selma and Dallas County


FaB, LLC can assist whenever life-changing events occur.  We will provide you with experienced valuations and equitable distributions or liquidations of personal property.  Whether you are an attorney or banker, the personal representative of an estate, have had the loss of a family member or friend, experienced a divorce, are in the process of moving to a new location, a smaller home or business location, or just want to clean out, we can help you.

We can sell all personal items and if needed, PROPERTY SERVICES, can assist you with the sale of real estate.  FaB, LLC offers free consultations because we want you to be sure you understand what services we offer.

Evolving from the early1980s’ working with white elephant and yard sales for our church, in 1989 we were conducting sales for local attorneys when they had estates to be liquidated.  Additionally, we worked for individuals and banks.  In 1997 FaB, LLC was founded by my friend, Glenn Foster, her husband James, and myself.  The name FaB came from our clients, customers and friends telling us what fabulous sales we had, and so Foster and Bennett became FaB, LLC.

Over the next thirteen years we worked diligently to conduct sales that brought the very best results for our clients.  Clients have included individuals, attorneys (Reeves & Stewart, Gamble, Gamble & Calame Hobbs & Hain, all of Selma, AL), banks (Peoples Bank & Trust Co., Selma, AL; PeachTree States Bank, Maplesville, AL; Synovus Bank of Columbus, GA) and estate personal representatives in and around west central Alabama, Florida and as far away as Atlanta, Georgia.

At the end of 2010, the Fosters retired from FaB, LLC and I continued to conduct sales.  My two daughters, son-in-law and grandson assist me in the business, along with long-time friends and workers.

Don’t think that everyone advertising estate sale services offers the same level of services.  Our 20+ years of experience allows us to evaluate the property and conduct successful sales for our clients. Our major form of advertising is email and on the website of  The FaB sales advertised on that site have received over 5,000 hits and generated a large and growing customer base.  While FaB is comfortable working with vintage and antique items, we will also sell contemporary items.  Consulting resources for jewelry, art, porcelain and silver are available, if needed.

FaB, LLC will clean, sort, research and price all items.  We will display all items in the most favorable manner.  We supply all staff, tables, secure display cases, price tags, advertising and payment of applicable sales taxes.  All efforts are made to present items to be sold in a dignified, respectful and clean environment.

Every sale is important and every client must feel they are receiving the very best services to be offered.    Should you, a family member, client or friend need FaB’s services, please feel free to contact us.  References are willingly provided upon request.  Please read a couple of references below:

To Whom It May Concern:

Nancy Bennett, FAB, did a house sale for me in February 2010. My house at 2011 Church Street in Selma was a large house–6,000 square feet plus–and was rather full.

My objective was to empty the house to the walls. I was in the process of downsizing and had taken everything from the house that I wanted. Much to my satisfaction, Nancy met my objective. Just about everything was sold. All and all, it went very well.

In my opinion, Nancy and her staff conducted themselves in a very professional manner. There was more than sufficient staff during the preparation & the day of the sale. Nancy arrived early, managed the attendees & did everything possible to insure no damage was done. Nancy took excellent care of the house and left it in the way I had expected. She had full access to the house. When I returned everything was the way I requested, heat, lights & security system.

Nancy was very helpful, caring & flexible with my needs & and requests. If there were ever a future need, she would be my first call.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email at

John Miller

Received the check for the car yesterday. Thank you very much. You have no idea how much I appreciate all you have done to assist us with everything. I am sure you never ran into all the things you had to do in this job. Also, if you had not been as helpful as you were, we would have had to return to Selma and the cost of hotel, car rental, food probably would have cost more than it was worth.

Again, thank you so very much for all you have done for us and I will always be grateful. I am very please with the amount you made on everything. You are indeed one of a kind. If I ever know anyone needing your service I will never hesitate to refer them to you.